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Avy Scott video – Horny lesbians

Another fresh week and time for one more Avy Scott video update. This one has Avy taking the role of the secretary as a few updates ago she was the one having another doing her bidding. Well today she gets to have that role and she has a boss that’s quite passionate about having some pussy to munch on when she needs it. She gets called in the office not knowing what to expect. And her boss lady comes over to her and as she plays with her clothes starting to undress her, she tells her she wants to relieve some stress.

Avy is quite happy to hear this as you know that sex is her best area of expertise. She doesn’t mind if she’s having sex with another woman or with a guy, to her it’s just as fun either way. So you get to see her as her boss strips her naked and bends her over the table as she starts to lick on her wet pussy. Watch the boss lady as she works Avy’s pussy to the latter’s pure delight. We also want to tell you to check out the past updates of Avy as well. You won’t be disappointed. See you next time with more  pics as usual guys! For similar videos click here and have fun watching other naughty chicks licking each others wet pussies!

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Avy Scott – Hardcore fuck video

Hey there guys, today’s update brings you some nice  videos for you to enjoy. It’s a bit of a sex compilation of Avy doing her little sexual fun as she wants to give you a personalized thank you for sticking by to her side for so long. You will get to see her fucking lots of dudes and women in this clip as her thanks and we’re sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest.

AvyScott is really proud of this video as it contains some of her best work as she rode some big cocks and had some fun with the dudes and ladies. So watch her sucking cock, getting fucked and eating pussy throughout the whole thing. We have to say ourselves that it’s a pretty nice and good compilation and we hope you love it. As usual see you next week with more of her superb and sexy content! And if you can’t wait until the next week’s update check out http://nurumassage.net/ blog and watch other stunning chicks riding big cocks!
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Office fuck with Jayden James

Avy Scott comes back full force today. Again she engaged herself in some more girl on girl action and she had the help of a friend to do it. Her buddy is named Jayden James and we’re sure that this name is also pretty known to you, as the brunette lady is a fully fledged porn star, just like the chicks from kiss me girl pics. For the setting itself, this scene would take place in a office as Avy plays the role of a sexy boss, ordering around her underling played by Jayden. Jayden is suppose to take care of any need that her boss AvyScott might have, no matter how outrageous. And as you might think miss Avy loves to have sex quite allot be it with guys or women, so let’s get started.

As she called her secretary Jayden in her office in the beginning of the scene she makes it very clear once more that she wants to fuck and Jayden has no choice but to humor her for the afternoon. You will get to see these two horny lesbians as they do just about everything together. Well Jayden ends up more on the receiving end as Avy takes her role of the dominant female quite seriously. So watch as Avy makes Jayden lick and rub her wet and eager pussy while she does the same on her cunt. Enjoy the two women fucking all over the office area today and enjoy the scene. As always we will come back next week with some more!


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Avy Scott – Hot blowjob

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today we bring you a rather quick little update with some Avy Scott pics for this afternoon. The slutty blonde decided it was time for her to get munching on some more cock and she got herself one of her male fuck buddies to drop by her house to give her her fill of cock for today. So let’s see what went down between the cock hungry woman and the guy!


Avy was really eager and turned on, and she just couldn’t wait for the scene to start any longer. Watch her starting to suck on his cock at avyscott.com as soon as the cameras start to roll. Rest assured that the guy simply adores her. HE knows that this woman knows her job when it comes to her working a cock with her juicy lips and expert tongue. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you next week! Visit http://terapatrick.co.uk/ website if you wanna see another horny babe fucking and sucking big cocks!

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Naughty solo masturbation

This week we have for you some more fresh Avy Scott videos to show off. This time however the slutty blonde is all alone and she intends to keep it that way for the whole duration. Be sure that this lady isn’t going to be delivering some half asssed update with boring content oh on. This time she just wants to do a nice solo session so that you guys get to be better acquainted with her sexy body. So you can pretty much bet that this would be a simple yet very awesome scene with Avy as she puts her sexy curves on display just for you to see and enjoy to the fullest. So without further due let’s get her sex show started today.

As the scene starts off and the cameras roll sexy miss Avy can be seen all dressed up in some hot and sexy lingerie that makes her body look that much hotter. Then she keeps on removing more and more clothes as she shows off more and more of her sexy naked and luscious body to the cameras. Soon she is only wearing her high heels and her thigh high stockings, as for the rest? She’s absolutely nude. So sit back, and enjoy her as she shows off her pink pussy at avyscott.com today just for your viewing pleasure. Be sure that she will come back next week with some more fresh content for all of you. See you next time and goodbye! If you liked this gallery visit http://englishmilf.org/ blog and enjoy watching other sexy ladies getting naked in front of the cam!


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Avy Scott – Amazing facial

Another fresh week and this is the time for some more fresh  videos to be brought to you. In this update the sizzling hot blonde brings you more of her classy content as she gets to have her fun with more guys. Today she decided to go to the gym and have a bit of a workout, but that was just her cover story. She wanted to go to it to see her favorite gym trainer as she always does a extra warm up session with her pussy on his cock after she does her regular routine. And today she wanted some more of that!


As one might think, just like MilfMia, Avy knows how to work her angles and how to get the men that she wants any time. So as she entered the gym, the stud knew he’d have more work to do on her cunt after she was done working out regularly. Sure enough after she was done working out, they retreat to a private zone of the gym to have their fun. And you just have to see this blonde as she rides up and down that big cock today. As a nice bonus you also get to see her cute face blasted with a jizz load at the end as well. We hope you liked it guys!

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AvyScott – Hotel room fuck

Well today the sexy and dirty minded AvyScott has one more update to bring to you. In this one this gorgeous blonde who looks just like sexy Carmel Moore can be seen as she takes another big cock deep in her pussy. This guy she snagged for herself at a private party and since they had allot of fun there she decided to continue that at her apartment. But with a more different kind of fun as one might think. She is a really sex addict, just like the chicks from the public pickups site, so she didn’t really have to do much to get him interested and that’s understandable at the way that she looks. So let’s see these two as they get it on in Avy Scott ‘s bedroom.

As the cameras start to roll the scene is already well underway and the sexy blonde has already started to suck on the guy’s rock hard cock. Watch her working that big pole and see her sucking and deep throating his cock. Then you get to see her presenting him with her pussy as she spreads open her legs so that the dude may have easy access to her eager and wet pussy as much as he wants. Watch her getting fucked balls deep by him in this scene and enjoy it everyone. We will see you once more next time with more fresh content!


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Avy Scott – Sharing a cock with Jeda Fire

This week we bring to your screens more Avy Scott pics and they are super hot as always. This time the naughty and smoking hot blonde just like Axelle Parker is here with one more lady and you’ve surely heard her name before. It’s none other than Jeda Fire the sexy and hot ebony porn star. And these two hotties have gotten hole of a guy to have their way with for the night. Rest easy that they plan on not letting the guy off the hook until they’re both satisfied and you already know that AvyScott likes to take her time to enjoy the cock. The same can be said about Jeda as well and so the guy gets to have a run for his money today in their company as one might think!


When the cameras start to roll the ladies can already be seen getting to work on the dude. they take off his pants straight away and begin to work on his big cock. See them sharing his cock as they take turns to suck on it. And even see them as they do a hot double blow job for him. Then Avy and her friend take things one step further as they have to take more turns to ride his cock as well. Watch them switching positions as they ride up and down this lucky guy’s dick all night long. Let’s just say that the second day he had a bit of trouble walking straight after the hard core fucking that the two hotties delivered onto him throughout the night!

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Having fun with Aryanna Starr

Hey there once more everyone, today we have some really nice Avy Scott pics for you to see. This fine day the smoking hot MILF got together with a older fuck buddy of hers named Aryanna Starr. And miss Starr is a very beautiful and sexy ebony lady that’s just as dirty minded and sexy as your resident blonde. One could only imagine what would happen when we’d have these two sexy beauties together!

Well that’s exactly what we did today and sure enough magic happened as they started off their lesbian sex session. Oh and they also had some toys to keep them company and entertain themselves. They started off like any other sex session should start with some passionate and sensual kissing and then they moved on to more hot things, as Aryanna used a dildo to fuck Avy’s pussy at avyscott.com today. See you next time!


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Avy Scott – Nailed hard

Hey there guys, today we have a set of some Avy Scott videos for you to see and enjoy. For this update the naughty and sexy blonde just like hot Diamond Foxxx gets herself down and dirty with a big cock as she seems to have scored herself one nice dude to fuck her wildly this afternoon. She was at her favorite bar when this nice dude caught her eye and she just had to get into a conversation with him in hopes to get him home to her place tonight. Well she was successful with that part and all that’s left for you to see is what happened next.


As Avy and her score for the night enter the door, she makes sure to lock it behind them as she doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone while having sex this afternoon. Watch her sucking on that big and solid cock and then watch her as she gets bent over by the dude as he’s really eager to get to pound that cunt with all that he has. Enjoy seeing this sexy blonde as she takes a nice doggie style cock pounding in her eager pussy and ass. We hope you enjoy it and we will be back next week with more of her scenes.

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